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Get back to living independently even with vision loss.

Low Vision Strategies provides in-home low vision rehabilitation.
We show you modifications and adaptations that help you get back to doing what is meaningful to you.

Vision loss is scary.  

older woman pinching her nose with glasses off
Your family is questioning if you can remain in your home.
You have tried magnifiers and they haven't helped.
You deserve to live the life you want even with vision loss.
Low vision Logo

We understand your frustration with losing your independence.

Marlene Snow
Experience, Knowledge & Creativity

Marlene has over 15 years experience working with clients who have low vision.  This means that she can help your loved one find a solution to their struggles.  Marlene is the only occupational therapist in the state who has a specialty certification in low vision from the American Occupational Therapy Association.  


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P.O. Box 616

Newalla, OK 74857

United States


Phone: (405) 255-2579

Fax: (855) 538-7896

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